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Poster von Science Slam mit FGrafik die Gesicht skizziert

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Call for young scientists: Showcase your science!

Explain your research topic in 10 minutes and captivate a crowd with your chat! Apply now for the second Bolzano Science Slam in October 2024.

Where science is fun and you become smarter! After its successful premiere in October 2022, the Science Slam is back in Bolzano for more. This joyous event, organized by Eurac Research, unibz, NOI Techpark and Stiftung Südtiroler Sparkasse, highlights all the amazing research happening in South Tyrol entertainingly and engagingly.

The stage belongs to young scientists at the Science Slam - for 10 minutes. That's how long they have to get the audience interested in their topic. Whoever wins over the audience will receive tasty and valuable prizes. Participants will be prepared in a two-day coaching session with an acting and slam professional who will help them fine-tune their presentation before taking it to the big stage.

The Slams will take place over three evenings in October.  

Thur 10.10.24 @unibz/NOI 8 pm

Thur 17.10.24 @Eurac Research 8 pm

Thur 24.10.24 @NOI Techpark 8 pm 

Who can participate?

Anyone doing research in South Tyrol, regardless of the topic, or even outside the province, as long as the topic has a strong South Tyrolean connection. Slams can be held in German, Italian, and English. Interested?  Apply here.