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Free University of Bozen - Bolzano

Study Plan - Curriculum Data Analytics

Study Plan - Curriculum Data Analytics


*students can advance or postpone Free Choice exams freely.

**Optional Courses
Students choose optional courses (18CPs) among the following:
Advanced Topics in Machine Learning (6CP )
Agile Software Development (6CP )
Artificial Intelligence – Methods and Applications (6CP )
Computational Linguistics (6CP )
Data Maintenance and Evolution (6CP )
Data Scientist Toolbox (6CP )
Decision Making and Support Systems (6CP )
Enterprise Architectures (6CP )
Formal Verification of Software and Systems (6CP )
Intelligent Agents (6CP )
Lean Start-Up and Entrepreneurship (6CP )
Management of Temporal and Spatial Data (6CP )
Organizational Modelling (6CP )
Process-Aware Information Systems (6CP )
Process Mining (6CP )
Real-Time Big Data Processing (6CP )
Recommender Systems (6CP )
Research Methods and Technology Transfer (6CP )
Semantic Technologies and Linked Data (6CP )
Simulation and Modelling (6CP )
Social and Security Aspects of Data Science (6CP )
Web and Text Mining (6CP )

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