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Free University of Bozen - Bolzano

Study Plan - Curriculum Data Management

Study Plan - Curriculum Data Management


*students can advance or postpone Free Choice exams freely.

**Optional Courses
Students choose optional courses (18CPs) among the following:
Advanced Data Management Technologies (6CP)
Advanced Topics in Machine Learning (6CP)
Agile Software Development (6CP)
Computational Linguistics (6CP)
Data Maintenance and Evolution (6CP)
Data Scientist Toolbox (6CP)
Data Visualization and Exploration (6CP)
Decision Making and Support Systems (6CP)
Development of Data Products (6CP)
Human-Centered Computing (6CP)
Information Retrieval (6CP)
Intelligent Agents (6CP)
Lean Start-Up and Entrepreneurship (6CP)
Management of Temporal and Spatial Data (6CP)
Process Mining (6CP)
Process-Aware Information Systems (6CP)
Programming for Data Analytics (6CP)
Real-Time Big Data Processing (6CP)
Recommender Systems (6CP)
Research Methods and Technology Transfer (6CP)
Simulation and Modelling (6CP)
Formal Verification of Software and Systems (6CP)
Web and Text Mining (6CP)

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