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Free University of Bozen - Bolzano

A project by Mirjam Schenk and Stefania Zanetti


“Venostes“ is a cooking solution which enables people cooking a revisited traditional menu at home. The value of food from different small Obervinschgau farmers is joined together in jars and paper bags that through the recipe the consumer will be able to prepare.


A project within the Master in Eco-social Design, inspired by the annual theme ESSEN/ALIMENTARE/FOOD (Project 1 - WS 2015/16).



  • Kris Krois, Eco-Social Design, Interfaces for Media
  • Kuno prey, Product Design


  • Rolling Kitchen Catering
Ristec online shop
  • TIS Innovation center-Food cluster

What is Venostes?

venostes 3

The starting point of “Venostes” was creating a working business model for Obervinschgau. This aim is faced with the creation of social and objective value, gained connecting the products of small farmers. The projects consists of a box-set menu (of three courses) for 4 people or the possibility of buying just a 4 people dish. The meal embraces the feature of quality, locality awareness and organicity. The different dishes are prepared by a chef in order to provide the consumer the basic and conserved ingredients for some traditional revisited recipes. The dishes change every two seasons and are planned to be “modular”, cooked from a jar and a paper bag. The dishes are planned to be cooked and prepared following the advices found in a booklet included. The interaction of the consumer with the food is necessary to provide emotions of homemade food, harvested prepared and cooked in a proper way, responsibly. The products will be sold through an online shops mostly as menu and placed in some organic shops.

venostes 2
venostes 4

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