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Free University of Bozen - Bolzano

Forschungsassistenten (AR) | Spatial Econometrics/Statistics

Anna Gloria Bille'

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Working papers:
1) A.G. Billé, Finite Sample Properties of Spatial Nonlinear GMM for Spatial Autoregressive Nonlinear Probit Models
2) A.G. Billé, F.M.L. Di Lascio & F. Durante, Spatial Nonlinear Probit Models via Copula
3) A.G. Billé, F. Del Grosso, A. Gianfreda & F. Ravazzolo, Forecasting Northern Italian Electricity Prices
4) A.G. Billé, A Comprehensive Estimation Framework for Mixed Spatial Simultaneous Autoregressive Models
5) A.G. Billé & V. Mollisi, Spatial Dynamics in Health-care Markets
6) A.G. Billé, R. Benedetti & P. Postiglione, Dynamic Spatial Panel Data Models with Time-varying Spatio-temporal Regimes


Spatial Econometrics/Statistics, Simultaneous Linear/Nonlinear Equation Modeling, Limited Dependend Variables, Microeconometrics, Estimation Methods, Spatio-Temporal Modeling, Model Specification, Applied Econometrics


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