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Free University of Bozen-Bolzano


29 Jun 2018 08:30–18:30

International Symposium: Teaching Languages for Specific and Academic Purposes

in Higher Education: English-Deutsch-Italiano

29 Jun 2018 10:00–11:00

Smart Objects, Smart Experiences and the need for modeling

The growing availability of smart objects is stimulating researchers to investigate the potential of Internet of Things (IoT) technology in different domains.

03 Jul 2018 06 Jul 2018

Bolzano-Padova Accounting Summer Camp 2018

The Accounting Research Groups at the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano and University of Padova are pleased to announce their Accounting Summer Camp 2018

05 Jul 2018 06 Jul 2018



05 Jul 2018 06 Jul 2018

Two days on Energy Economics

The conference aims at presenting and discussing ideas and inno­vative research in the field of energy economics.

09 Jul 2018 11 Jul 2018

30th International Conference on Scientific and Statistical Database Management

Presentation and exchange of current research results on concepts, tools, and techniques for scientific and statistical database applications.

10 Sep 2018 14 Sep 2018

Scuola estiva per lo sviluppo di app Android per gli studenti delle superiori

Una settimana di laboratori per simulare un ambiente professionale di sviluppo software per dispositivi mobili. I partecipanti saranno immersi nell’ambiente internazionale di unibz.

10 Sep 2018 11 Sep 2018

Workshop AITeM 2018

Industria 4.0 per PMI - opportunità e sfida per una regione

14 Sep 2018 15 Sep 2018

WGAB Forschungsseminar 2018

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