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Free University of Bozen-Bolzano

Course Offering - Master in Viticulture, Enology and Wine Marketing

On this page we show the lectures that are currently offered in the two semesters. It does not illustrate the structure of the study programme.

Target: Single subject and exchange students

Academic Year


Semester 1

Vineyard management and wine production in mountain areas

11 CP · 44620

Vineyard management in mountain areas

3 CP · 44620A · AGR/03 · EN

Florian Haas

Smart technologies for viticulture and winery management

5 CP · 44620B · AGR/09

Wine production processes and plants

3 CP · 44620C · AGR/15 · EN

Aakriti Darnal

Semester 1

Protection and valorization of viticultural systems in mountain areas

9 CP · 44621

Plant pathogens and disease management strategies in vineyards in mountain areas

3 CP · 44621A · AGR/12 · EN

Katharina Alvera'

Management and use of agrochemicals and their fate in the environment

3 CP · 44621B · AGR/13 · EN

Monica Yorlady Alzate Zuluaga

Conventional and innovative strategies for grapevine genetic improvement

3 CP · 44621C · AGR/07 · EN

Alessandro Vannozzi

Free choice courses

Semester 1

Characterization of mountain wines

5 CP · 44618

Sensory analysis approaches for mountain wines

3 CP · 44618A · AGR/15

Fermentation processes for the production of mountain wines

2 CP · 44618B · AGR/16

Semester 1

Management of soil fertility in mountain vineyards

5 CP · 44617

Chemistry of fertilizers and mineral nutrition of grapevine

3 CP · 44617A · AGR/13 · EN

Monica Yorlady Alzate Zuluaga

Soil and water management in grapevine production

2 CP · 44617B · AGR/03