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Free University of Bozen-Bolzano

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MA Eco-Social Design: Project 2 by Andrea Gaidano, Damiano Fantin | WS 2020


Isolating walls, cultural substitution, bridges of knowledge, networks of support. Some visual notes on the modern Western coercive system.


What is a prison? How does it work? Our journey towards the MA’s thesis proposal began with two questions. Now, after a semester spent interviewing, reading, mapping, collecting thoughts on the kitchen’s walls and questioning our own values and ambitions, we have many more. 

What if the prison becomes a place where real knowledge, skills and concepts are built? What if our own experience, situated in a local context, grows into an open model able to trigger further development and discussion? What if the knowledge generated through design processes contributes to the development of alternative models of segregation, punishment and, eventually, education?


Andrea Gaidano, Damiano Fantin

Teaching Team:
Amy Franceschini
Alastair Fuad-Luke
Daniele Lupo