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Free University of Bozen-Bolzano

Structural, digital, material: Processes, Phenomena and Results of three-dimensional Design


Coordinator: Nitzan Cohen

Product and object design lies at the centre of the research area. Here, the phenomena, processes and artefacts and their relationships in regard to use and application are explored. The focus lies on the development, analysis and testing of processes, materials and manufacturing processes as well as the different experimental implementations of three-dimensional designs. Experimental workshop-based studies, material technology, material semantic analysis and experiments come into play and maximize the scope of possibilities.

Creative design work is understood as a research-based work that constantly needs to process and critically observe developments and  processes of the material world of products and artefacts. This stance on design and sustainable social relevance of the research objectives is an essential part of this research area. In this area, applied research and basic research overlap.

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