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Free University of Bozen-Bolzano

Tecnologi with fixed-term contract

Soufiane Krik

Faculty of Engineering
Dominikanerplatz 3 - piazza Domenicani, 3

Short bio

Soufiane Krik obtained his Ph.D. degree in Physics in July 2021 with a thesis titled: “Low-operating temperature chemiresistive gas sensors: Fabrication and DFT calculations” at the Sensor and Semiconductor Laboratory at the University of Ferrara in collaboration with the Micro Nano Facility at the Bruno Kessler Foundation in Trento. Previously, he obtained his M.Sc. degree in physics and new technologies at the University of Casablanca-Department of physics. Currently, he is a postdoctoral researcher at the Sensing Technologies Lab of the Free University of Bolzano.
His current research interests are related to the development of printing techniques for the realization of electronic components on various substrates.


Electronic Devices

42409 · ING-INF/01 · L-8 Electronics and Cyber-Physical Systems Engineering · IT

Maker Lab

76244 · ING-INF/01 · L-31 Computer Science - 2020 · IT

Making Smart Things

89177 · INF/01 · Studium Generale · EN

Main Research Areas

Gas Sensors, DFT-Density Functional Theory

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