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Free University of Bozen-Bolzano

Academic Staff

Academic Staff

Researchers with a fixed-term contract

Marco Bietresato

Agricultural Engineering

Yuri Borgianni

Product development, design creativity

Giovanni Modanese

Mathematics for Science and Technology

Guido Orzes

Management Engineering

Luisa Petti

Sensing Technologies

Erwin Rauch

Production Systems and Industry 4.0

Massimiliano Renzi

Fluid machines and energy systems

Stergios Vakalis

Thermal engineering and energy systems

Erich Wehrle

Design and structural optimization

Teaching staff

Marco Perona

Supply Chain Management

Research assistants (AR)

Omar Bottesi

Electrotechnics and Electrical Machines

Irene Criscuoli

biogeochemistry, soil carbon, biochar

Daniela Festi

Calibrating biodiversity in glacier ice

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