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Free University of Bozen-Bolzano

Abiotic factors


This research area combines plant genetics, plant physiology and soil chemistry to study plant-soil-environment interactions. In particular, the area focuses on the following aspects:

Plant developmental genetics and molecular plant physiology
Using molecular biological, genetic and biochemical methods, it will be investigated how environmental influences are perceived by the plant and change its physiology.

Nutrient management
Using chemical, physiological and molecular methods, processes ranging from the mobilisation of nutrients in the soil to their uptake, translocation and allocation in the plant are studied.

Soil fertility
Investigation of soil biodiversity to determine agro-ecological networks and identify key organisms that contribute to the performance of crops or their adaptation to different soil conditions. Chemical and physical fertility properties are also studied.


Tanja Mimmo, M Abdulaha Al Baquy,  Claudia Cappello, Céline Laurent, Natalia Rastorgueva