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Free University of Bozen-Bolzano

Network Strategies


Digitalization seems to have the potential to close the information gap for guests before and during stay in a destination. Therefore, many investments and activities concentrate currently on digital information tools. This approach neglects that in tourism the human factor plays a key role today as well as in future. Especially in a region with mainly small family driven accommodation the personal dialogue between the hosts and their guests is a key asset. This interface could be used as a part of a general visitor flow management system. Installing in the background a recommendation system, which can be used by the hosts when communicating with their guests, would create a network among all hosts and allow to differentiate recommendations for trips in the region and the visit of attractions, usage of public transportation or the pre-booking of tickets for museums, or parking near to hot-spots. This would allow the management of the visitor flow in a coordinated manner.

Currently the Competence Centre prepares a study to analyze the host-guest communication: which information are frequently requested, which recommendations are given and which technologies are used.