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Alfredo De Massis inducted into the Family Business Hall of Fame

The professor at the Faculty of Economics recently received this honor by the Family Alliance for Family Business.

In the United States, the Hall of Fame is traditionally a museum in which relics and memories of the most recognized exponents of a sport or genre of music are collected. A ceremony is held once a year during which the greatest sportsmen and women and musicians, usually as a crowning achievement of their careers, become Hall of Famer.

True to this all-American tradition, the Family Alliance for Family Business, the global association whose purpose is to advance research in the field, has also created a Hall of Fame for Family Business. This year it has been Prof. Alfredo De Massis’s turn. De Massis is a professor at the Faculty of Economics and director of the unibz Centre for Family Business at NOI Techpark.

The Family Alliance for Family Business is an association that brings together not only academics but also high-level experts and consultants. Induction into the Hall of Fame is usually offered to those who have made outstanding contributions to the field of Family Business. This is a great honor for the economist and, by extension, also for the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano, which can boast one of the most highly regarded researchers in this field worldwide.

The induction ceremony was unfortunately held only online, but De Massis hopes that there will soon be a chance to share this moment in attendance during future ceremonies as well.

"This is a very important recognition because it testifies that it is possible to combine scientific rigor and practical relevance of the studies", says De Massis, "moreover, it is an indicator of the visibility of the research we conduct together with the research group I have here at unibz".