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Human Technology Lab at the Italian Senate

Presenting inside the Senate of the Italian Parliament, the Senato della Repubblica, is a once in a lifetime emotion. The research fellow at unibz Federico Bomba was part of the conference World Wide Wisdom.

The research fellow at unibz Federico Bomba, who does his research at the Human Technology Laboratory led by prof. Antonella De Angeli, was invited by the Senate Vice President Mariolina Castellone and Imminent Vice President Alessandro Fusacchia, for the conference World Wide Wisdom. The meeting that revolves about AI and its social impacts on people's lives was held on Monday, 3rd of July.

“I was part of the panel "The Social Impact on People. Thinking about fundamental rights and culture”,” recounts Federico Bomba. “My contribution presented the collaboration between artists and generative AI, and how multidisciplinarity is necessary for designing our future in the domains of work, communication, and democracy in the future.”

Roberto Viola, Director-General of the European Commission's DG Connect Department, and Marco Trombetti, CEO of Translated, introduced the proceedings.

The expertise in the field of Human Computer Interaction in the Faculty of Engineering was therefore highly promoted.