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Free University of Bozen-Bolzano

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Bilateral Agreements Programme


Please check if your home university is one of our partners. If so your home university will need to send us an official nomination:

  • by 10 June for the first semester or the whole academic year
  • by 10 November for the second semester

Additional admission requirement: Students applying for the Master in Eco-Social Design must submit their portfolio as an additional admission requirement. Students will only be admitted after a positive evaluation of the portfolio.

1. Registering

Once we receive the official nomination from your home university, we will send you a link inviting you to complete your online registration as an exchange student at unibz:

  • by 30 June for the first semester or the whole academic year
  • by 30 November for the second semester or the whole academic year

2. Accommodation

We offer accommodation in two different residence halls in Bozen-Bolzano in single or double rooms (according to availability) for roughly 250-300 € monthly. Non-EU bilateral agreement exchange students will be granted accommodation. Please note that all contracts for residence halls require a 5 month commitment for one semester and 10 months for a whole academic year. If you intend to stay less, you will need to pay for the entire contract period. For private accommodations, you can have a look at our blog.

3. Study Plan / Learning Agreement (LA)

Look up in the Course Catalogue.
As an exchange student, you can choose courses from the Faculty you are enrolled in. If you are interested in taking courses from other Faculties, please contact us at our e-mail address:
Please notice that the Faculty of Education is located in Brixen-Bressanone and the Bachelor Programme in Tourism, Sport and Event management is in Bruneck-Brunico (at a distance of about 75 km from Bolzano).
Once your LA is ready, please send it to the contact person of your Faculty at unibz for its approval.

4. Exchange Students' Guide and Welcome Session

For specific information regarding visas, residence permits, health care, language courses and other information, please read our Exchange Students’ Guide carefully.

The Welcome Session will be organized before the beginning of each semester. During this meeting, you will receive all necessary information for studying and living in Bozen-Bolzano, Brixen-Bressanone and Bruneck-Brunico. At the session you will be given your student ID card and your unibz network user credentials.

You can also join our student association and meet new people e-mail address:

Exchange Students' Guide

Fact sheet