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Free University of Bozen-Bolzano

ICT Services

Our ICT office designs, creates, manages and coordinates the information and digital communication services at unibz. Our goal is to bring tuition and research into the digital age. ICT’s priority areas of intervention are: optimisation of internal processes; cloud computing; enterprise mobility; big data; analytics and – last but not least – high performance computing.

The Scientific Network South Tyrol

The ICT departments of unibz and EURAC manage the Scientific Network South Tyrol together, which seeks to foster the collaboration among different scientific institutes in the region. Apart from unibz and EURAC, further partners are the NOI Techpark, the Conservatory the library of the Philosophical-theological Academy, the Museum of Natural Sciences, the KlimaHouse Agency and the Museion. Other partial partners are the German Education Department - Innovation and Consulting Area and Institut Ladin “Micurà de Rü“.

Network Access Rules

Scientific Network South Tyrol


Access all ICT services from my SNS, the intranet service of unibz and find all information regarding the IT Services in the Digital Services (password required).

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The mission of the ICT is to work in partnership with faculties, students and staff to develop the strategy and manage the operations of the unibz through the innovative use and development of existing and emerging technologies, technology support and user service.

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