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Free University of Bozen-Bolzano

Information and Communication Technologies

Information and Communication Technologies

Our ICT office designs, creates, manages and coordinates the information and digital communication services at unibz. Our goal is to bring tuition and research into the digital age.

ICT’s priority areas of intervention are: optimisation of internal processes; cloud computing; enterprise mobility; big data; analytics and – last but not least – high performance computing. The ICT departments of the university and EURAC manage the IT network of South Tyrol together.

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Dietmar Laner, Coordinator (Area)

Thomas Bechtum

Tatiana Botezat

Sebastian Cont

Cristiano Maria Cumer

Denise Delai

Claudia Delsante

Raffaello Faccin

Patrizio Filloramo

Daniele Frusone

Federico Ghirardini

Lukasz Karolak

Manuel Kinzler

Michael Mairhofer

Matteo Merlin

Werner Mores

Werner Nicolussi

Amantia Pano

Michael Perathoner

Alessandro Peroni

Andreas Pircher

Andrea Sanfelici

Alex Teatini

Lorenzo Tesolin

Johannes Troi

Francesco Visciglia

Daniel Waldner

Alexander Walli

Christian Zeni