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Free University of Bozen-Bolzano

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Exploring design, art and social practices for political and eco-social transitions.

The research cluster trans–form is concerned with a diverse set of art, design and social practices that strive to contribute to a much needed transformation of the relations among humans and, therefore, between humans and other beings, in order to move towards more sustainable, resilient, just and equitable futures.

We explore, experiment with and realize disruptive design, art and social practices, ways of making things public, eco-social designs, and the generation and construction of alternative narratives / artefacts / services / experiences / economies. Our attitude is guided by open, experimental, inclusive ways of collating, generating and applying knowledge(s) which celebrate an ‘in-between’ way of researching involving interdisciplinary collaborations and pluralistic approaches.

Coordinator: Sonia Cabral Matos

Team: Aart van BezooijenMustapha El Moussaoui, Hans HögerKris Krois, Teresa PalmieriChristian UpmeierSonia Cabral Matos