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Free University of Bozen-Bolzano

Tenured full professors | Labor and Public Economics

Steven Stillman

+39 0471 013132

BZ E3.03
Faculty of Economics and Management
Universitätsplatz 1 - piazza Università, 1

Short bio

I received my PhD in Economics from the University of Washington in 2000. Prior to moving to Italy in 2016, I was a Professor of Economics at the University of Otago in New Zealand. My research focuses on empirical labour economics, specialising in the behaviour of individuals and households, and the interplay between government policy and human behavior. I have done extensive work examining the impact of migration on immigrants and their families exploiting a lottery used to allocate migrant quota slots. In recent work, I have also examined voting behavior along a number of dimensions and how individuals have responded to changes in a number of policies, including minimum wages, the drinking age and doctor’s fees.


Econometric Methods

29100 · PhD Economics and Finance · EN

Labor Economics

27224 · SECS-P/02 · L-33 Economics and Social Sciences · EN

Program evaluation

29106 · PhD Economics and Finance · EN

Public Economics

27199 · SECS-P/03 · L-33 Economics and Social Sciences · EN

Topics in Public Economics

27409 · SECS-P/03 · LM-63 Public Policies and Administration · EN

Main Research Areas

Labor Econ: Gender Wage Gaps,  Impacts of Minimum Wages, Impact of Migration

Health Econ: Impacts of Doctor’s Fees on Usage and Outcomes, Stress, Pregnancy and Child Outcomes

Political Econ: How Do Voters Make Decisions about Political Parties and Political Systems

Development Econ: Parental Skills and Early Childhood Education; Civil Conflict and the Child Quality-Quantity Trade-off

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