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Free University of Bozen-Bolzano

Centre for Academic Writing

The Centre for Academic Writing is an innovative teaching and research laboratory open for students who wish to improve their writing. 


The Centre for Academic Writing (CAW) aims to promote understanding of academic writing practices and support students to develop their skills as writers for academic purposes. Student guidance is focused on topics ranging from how to organise an academic argument to how to improve academic style and sentence structure. 

The Centre offers courses, a consultation desk and soon workshops, online tutorials peer tutoring will be added to its services. Reflecting the trilingual character of unibz and the need for students to develop academic literacy skills in their L1, alongside L2 and L3, all courses and materials are developed in English, German and Italian. 

Student support is not intended as a proofreading service for papers and theses: developmental, long-term, and collaborative work, enabling students to become independent writers, is prioritised.  

Offering insights into academic writing in a multilingual context, the Centre also aims to collect data and generate research results in the fields of linguistics, pedagogy and cultural studies. 

In the long run, competencies and skills acquired at the Centre can be used across a wide range of institutional and professional settings and returned to the local community in the form of added value.