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Free University of Bozen-Bolzano

Tenured associate professors | Fluid machines and energy systems

Massimiliano Renzi

Short bio

Massimiliano Renzi is Associate Professor in Fluid Machines and Energy Systems and director of the Bachelor in Industrial Mechanical Engineering.
He received his Master Degree in Mechanical Engineering magna cum laude and his PhD in Energy from the Polytechnic University of Marche. He owns two patents on a tracking device for solar concentration systems. He is in charge of several projects funded with competitive peer review processes and he manages the research and didactic activities of the group of fluid machines.
The main research topics include: cogeneration systems; hydraulic machines for small hydropower; thermal management and batteries in hybrid/electric powertrains for automotive and industrial applications; optimization algorithms of hybrid energy systems and storage systems.


Fluid Machines

42177 · ING-IND/08 · L-9 Industrial and Mechanical Engineering - 2016 · EN

Thermal Engines

47578 · ING-IND/08 · LM-33 Industrial Mechanical Engineering · EN

Thermal Engines

45510A · ING-IND/08 · LM-30 Energy Engineering - 2023 · EN

Main Research Areas

The main areas of research are:
-Fluid machines, energy systems
- Hydroelectric and pump-as-turbines for hidden hydropower, also for energy recovery and pumped storage
-Thermal management in electric/hybrid powertrains
-Vehicle electrification
-Use of biofuels and hydrogen enriched fuels
-Energy systems optimisation and machine learning


Massimiliano Renzi is author of 138 scientific works (as of May 2023): 79 articles in international journals; 50 International Conferences; 7 national conferences; 2 Techinical Reports (International Energy Agency Annexes)
Scopus database: Number of Records: 98; number of citations: 1548; h-index: 23.
Scopus ID: 49962217600
Google Scholar:

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