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Free University of Bozen-Bolzano

Economic Sustainability


Economic sustainability focuses on ensuring that our economy can grow steadily while providing sufficient jobs and income for all. It involves the efficient use of resources to create unique and valuable products and services. Key stakeholders in achieving economic sustainability include both private and public companies, as well as local governments.

Accounting and Finance for Sustainability 

This area covers topics of accountability, voluntary corporate reporting, ESG accounting, and sustainable finance. 
Team: Massimiliano Bonacchi, Alex Weissensteiner, Paolo Perego, Nicola dalla Via, Ulrich Atz


  • Continued collaboration with Confidi Alto Adige and Camera di Commercio di Bolzano to disseminate knowledge on business-related sustainability and support local companies transitioning towards sustainable business models.
  • Secured a cascade grant from Ca’ Foscari University for the Spoke 4 Sustainable Finance topics – project GRINS (Growing Resilient, Inclusive and Sustainable).
  • Hosted guest researcher Ulricht Atz from NYU, New York in October 2023.
  • Organized a seminar series on “Sustainability Accounting and Integrated Reporting” with sustainability managers from:
      - Stefania Caristia (KPMG)
      - Cibrario Assereto, Clara (Cleary Gottlieb Steen & Hamilton LLP)
      - Pasqualina Sacco (ARB SBPA)
      - Cristiano Zazzara (NYU-Stern)
      - Angelo Cortese (CDP Equity)
      - Filippo Bocchi (HERA)
  • Conducted the workshop “Certificazioni e standards per la "misurazione" della sostenibilità delle attività economiche” on 19 May 2023, discussing contracts, technical standards, and certification systems for sustainable economic relationships.
  • Led the conference “Evoluzione della comunicazione aziendale, risultati finanziari ed impatto su stakeholders” on 12 October 2023, addressing impacts of the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) on various stakeholders.
  • Presented the workshop “Financial Education in South Tyrol” on 20 November 2023, exploring financial education as a tool to combat inequality and promote sustainable economic growth.
  • Explored critical topics in sustainability research and policy during the conference “Moral Hazards in Sustainability Research and Policy” on 23-24 November 2023.

Economic Policies and Behavior Change for Sustainability

This area covers topics of economic policies and behaviour change for sustainability, including governmental interventions, incentive structures, consumer behaviour analysis, and the role of education in fostering sustainable practices. 

Team: Elisabeth Gsottbauer