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Free University of Bozen-Bolzano

Press and Event Management


The Press and Event Management Office is in charge of communication and public relations for unibz. The work of our two press officers consists in contact with the press, writing press releases and editorial content, arranging interviews with experts, organizing press conferences, writing the news on our website, managing public relations related to special events and issuing filming permits.

In addition, the Office supervises the corporate design and manages the Unishop.


Vicky Rabensteiner

Chief Press Officer, event organisation, communications and press relations
T: +39 0471 011 501

Arturo Zilli

Press relations, editor of Uninews and information materials, communications
T: +39 0471 011 504

Giovanna Bampa

Corporate Design, graphics, press review
T: +39 0471 011517

Massimo Eccli

Event Management
Tel. +39 0471 011 508

Katrin Lambacher

Event Management
Tel. +39 0471 011 511

Hannes Hell

Event Management
Tel. +39 0471 011 515

Alessia Perseghin

Event Management
Tel. +39 0471 011 507

Rosmarie Hagleitner

Event Management
Tel. +39 0471 011 506

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