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Prof. Laura Valle.
Prof. Laura Valle.

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Laura Valle at the European Law Institute

Professor of Private Law at the Faculty of Economics and Management, Valle has been elected to the prestigious European Association of Jurists.

Recently, during the Annual Assembly of the European Law Institute, elections were held to renew the Council. Laura Valle, a faculty member at the Faculty of Economics and Management, ran for office and was successfully elected. For the next four years, she will be one of the 52 council members of the association that brings together legal experts from more than 60 countries.

Prior to her election to the Council, Laura Valle was a member of the Special Interest Group (SIG) on Sustainability and Environmental Law. From now on, in addition to this group, she will also be a member of the SIG on Digital Law and a member of the Advisory Board of the Project on Enterprise Foundations in Europe.

“I believe this is an important achievement not only for our University but also an opportunity to enhance its visibility throughout Europe. This is especially significant because the Association operates at a high scientific level and is actively engaged with European institutions that contribute to its funding”, remarked Valle.

Headquartered in Vienna, the European Law Institute focuses on studying and fostering European legal development within a global context. Its mission is to enhance the quality of European law in the broadest sense. The Institute strives to initiate, conduct, and facilitate research, formulate recommendations, and provide practical guidance in the field of European legal development.

This achievement by Professor Laura Valle highlights not only her personal accomplishment but also the University's potential to gain greater recognition and influence in the realm of European law, reinforcing its commitment to academic excellence and legal scholarship at an international level.