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Free University of Bozen-Bolzano

Lifelong Learning

Lifelong learning is what we experience everyday following the developments in society and technology. Nowadays, being able to learn, process novelties and incorporate them in everyday life is essential. unibz is there for you, with many initiatives and open doors.

Studium generale

It is a general knowledge interdisciplinary study programme open to the public. It offers different courses each semester and classes start after 5pm to enable workers to join too. The real challenge is for teachers!

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Senior Student

Open Day unibz 4

At unibz you become a senior student at 60. Being a senior student allows those who are aged 60 and over to attend a wide range of university modules freely with other students in our university. That's if you want to be a student again!

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Junior Uni

Academic knowledge explained to children: the ivory tower becomes a Lego tower, with our teachers trying to explain their research to children and teenagers aged 6 to 14.

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TFA means 'Tirocinio Formativo Attivo' (active training internship) and it is a training course for students and workers towards getting a teaching qualification. Our close collaboration with the local education authorities makes all the difference.

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Short Master Degrees

An extra qualification can help you develop your career further. This is what short master degrees are for, to have a more valuable qualification than a bachelor degree. Our master degrees at unibz are designed to prepare experts in the fields required by the job market. In the 2018/19 academic year two new masters will be offered:

unitedbz: courses for refugees

unitedbz is a project launched in 2017 by university lecturers and staff. The aim of this initiative is to give asylum seekers and refugees with a school career of at least 12 years the opportunity to attend various subjects and courses as extra-curricular students and also to take the corresponding exams. For further information:

Info for enrolled students

In this section you will find the course descriptions and timetables as well as information about mandatory courses and exams.

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