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Free University of Bozen-Bolzano

MA Eco-Social Design: Project 2 by Martina Spinelli, Oscar Mauricio Rueda Gonzales, Vanessa Deotto | SS 2020

Community’s ingredients. The story behind the bottle

Community ingredients is a project that aims to foster society engagement into local and sustainable production of drinks through a visual communication that reflects Comunità Frizzante agency on the territory of the Vallagarina.


Community’s ingredients is a project made in collaboration with local drink producers association called Comunità Frizzante in the valley of Lagarina (TN).




The aim of the project was to develop a better communication of social and ecological values behind the drinks produced. For this purpose, we nudged the local citizens to describe by themselves the community and the territory in order to create a deeper sense of belonging to it, as well as a more empathic and authentic narration of it.

Due to the extraordinary situation, we mainly focused on the digital channels, and after a wide graphic experimentation we developed a new visual storytelling website based on metaphors to better narrate the participative production process together with the community. In turn, in order to engage locals into the project and co-create with them, we developed a survey to gather different personal perceptions of the community and the territory. People’s thoughts about the activities, colors and flavors of Lagarina valley were collected by using the partner’s social media.


This contribution is a unique repository of people’s own narratives to be used for strengthening the concept of community around the association. Indeed, a visual map was created by clustering and translating such data into visual elements, which are a metaphor of locals playing the role of local flavors joined through a net. This not only shows how social fabric is created through local ingredients and the way they are put together, which is what they do when drinks are produced; but is also a way to equal people with plants through the role of ingredients, and then break up the divisions between the social and natural in the territory. As a result, these elements have been used to map the community, its diversity and values, but they can also be used on many other artifacts that shows an eco-social sparkling community.


Martina Spinelli, Oscar Mauricio Rueda Gonzales, Vanessa Deotto

Teaching Team:
Corinna Sy  (Object–Spaces–Services)
Kris Krois (Communication–Interaction–Services)
Jennifer Schubert (Social Interaction Design)
Secil Ugur Yavuz  (Design & Production)
Alastair Fuad-Luke (Design Research)

Comunità Frizzante