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Free University of Bozen-Bolzano

Knowledge and Technology Transfer

unibz is a partner for research and innovation. We work in close collaboration with local businesses. One of our most important missions is to initiate, develop, foster and support collaborative projects with public institutions and local, national and international companies.

Partner for research and development

unibz partners with businesses in the form of both contracted research and joint R&D projects. We facilitate collaboration between businesses and our professors and researchers by serving as a point of reference for both parties and supporting the initiation of projects.

Patents and intellectual property rights

Inventions and patents serve as proof of the innovative thrust of a university and its expertise in various technological fields. We consider intellectual property management to be central to our strategy for protecting intellectual property rights in the dissemination of knowledge.

We support researchers in their patent applications and the management of their intellectual property in order to support the commercial applications of their research results.

Start-ups and Spin-offs

unibz promotes the establishment of new businesses which emerge from the research and intellectual activities at the University. We aim to foster the creation of start-ups and spin-offs with strong roots in university research.

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