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Free University of Bozen-Bolzano

Language Centre

Language Centre

The Language Centre strives to accomplish the language strategy set forth for our university. Its main goal is to coordinate and expand the whole spectrum of language acquisition opportunities and provide excellent language learning conditions to both students, administrative and academic staff.

It offers a variety of services, including the organization and implementation of language courses and advising on all aspects of language learning.

Moreover, it designs and administers tests and exams to determine language skills before admission and during the study career.

The Language Centre is authorised examination centre for international language certificates in German, Italian and English.

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Sophie Caroline Bidell

Manuela Perilli

Rossella Rinaldi

Laura Zago

Micaela Zordan

Scientific and Didactic Collaborators

Elena Bonetto

Coordinator: Italian Language

Maria Cristina Boscolo Anzoletti

Collaborator: Italian Language

Michael Joseph Ennis

Coordinator: English Language

Alice Siviero

Collaborator: German Language

Dietmar Unterkofler

Coordinator: German Language

Andrew Peter Wimhurst

Collaborator: English Language

Testing and Certification Unit

Margherita Scomparin, Coordinator

Alex Brancaglion