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23 May 2024 15:00-16:00

Child disability and parental employment trajectories

Research Seminar - Prof. Tito M. Boeri, Università Bocconi and former INPS President, reveals inequalities in parental job prospects amidst parents of children with disability.

27 May 2024 10:30-11:30

Within-firm Pay Inequality and Firm Performance

Research Seminar - Prof. Juan Pedro Gomez, IE Universidad Segovia, examines the causal effect of a quasi-exogenous shock to within-firm pay inequality on firm performance.

30 May 2024 12:30-13:30

Hot Knots vs Hot Spots: Targeting Key Players in Crime

Research Seminar - Prof. Corrado Giulietti, University of Southampton, present an original approach that enhances and expands upon the conventional hot spot policing strategy by integrating

06 Jun 2024 12:30-13:30

Do default tax rates affect tax policy?

Research Seminar - prof. Mariana Lopes da Fonseca (University of St. Gallen) discusses how default tax rates can affect policy-making with a case study on portuguese municipalities.

13 Jun 2024 12:30-13:30

Greening thy Neighbor: How the US Inflation Reduction Act Drives Climate Finance Globally

Research Seminar - Prof. Daniel te Kaat, University of Groningen, unveils global impacts of US Inflation Reduction Act on sustainable investments, revealing dynamic cross-border investment .

14 Jun 2024 12:30-13:30

Lifting up the lives of extremely disadvantaged youth: the impact of preventing early scho…

Research Seminar, Prof. Julie Moschion, University of Queensland, explores impact of early school-leaving on disadvantaged youth's life trajectories.

19 Jun 2024 12:00-13:00

The effects of university-industry collaboration subsidies on firm performance

Research Seminar - Prof. Paul Jensen, University of Melbourne, provides an analysis on the efficacy of university-industry research collaboration programs.