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Free University of Bozen-Bolzano

Tenured associate professors

Silvia Dal Negro

+39 0471 012456

BZ C5.02
Faculty of Education
Regensburger Allee 16 - viale Ratisbona, 16
Office hours
Wednesday, 10:00 - 13:00
Stanza 3.12 Bressanone

Short bio

Associate professor of Linguistics at the Faculty of Education, Silvia Dal Negro has studied foreign languages and literatures at the university of Bergamo and has obtained a PhD in linguistics at Pavia. Before starting her job at unibz she has been tenured researcher at the Università del Piemonte Orientale where she has mainly worked in the research field of minority languages in the Alpine space. She is now active especially in the domains of contact linguistics and language education.


Elements of Linguistic Theory and Academic Writing Workshop

17236 · L-LIN/01 · Communication (L-20) NEW · IT

Individual, societal and discourse multilingualism

11381 · L-LIN/01 · Master Education German section (LM-85 bis) · IT

Italian Linguistics

11405A · L-FIL-LET/12 · Master Education Italian section (LM-85 bis) · IT

Italian Linguistics

13405B · L-FIL-LET/12 · Master Education Ladin section (LM-85 bis) · IT

Italian Linguistics (Lab.)

11405B · L-FIL-LET/12 · Master Education Italian section (LM-85 bis) · IT

Sociolinguistica delle lingue di minoranza

85218 · L-LIN/01 · Antropolad · IT

Main Research Areas

Contact linguistics
Spoken language
Language education and  teaching of grammar


Prossimi orari di ricevimento:
13 giugno, ore 10-13
20 giugno, ore 10-13
Stanza 3.12 (Campus Bressanone)


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