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Free University of Bozen-Bolzano

Giulia Cavrini

+39 0472 014340

BX A3.31a
Faculty of Education
Regensburger Allee 16 - viale Ratisbona, 16
Office hours
Tuesday, 18:00 - 19:00
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Short bio

Giulia Cavrini received a PhD from University of Bologna in 1995.  She is the author of more than one hundred refereed publications, including ones in the most prestigious international journals in Social Science and Quality of Life, with more than 951 citations and an h-index of 13.


Quantitative Analysis of Social Phenomena and Population Dynamics

51071 · SECS-S/05 · Social Work (L-39) · IT

Quantitative methods for social work and social education

53105 · SECS-S/05 · Master IRIS NEW (LM-87) · IT

Quantitative methods in educational and social research

54044 · SECS-S/05 · Master Music (LM-45) · IT

Social Statistics

64117 · SECS-S/05 · Educators (L-19) · IT

Statistics and Methodology in Culture, Economics and Society

17203 · SECS-S/05 · Communication (L-20) - 2012 · IT

Theory and Techniques of Measuring Cultural and Socio-Economic Phenomena

17219 · SECS-S/05 · Communication (L-20) - 2012 · IT

Main Research Areas

Main Research MacroArea:
Socio cultural worlds: institutions, welfare, social professions, environment and population

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