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Free University of Bozen-Bolzano

Tenured full professors | Bullying and cyberbullying, well-being

Antonella Brighi, Dean

+39 0472 014295

BX A3.36a
Faculty of Education
Regensburger Allee 16 - viale Ratisbona, 16
Office hours
Wednesday, 14:00 - 16:00
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Short bio

Prof. Brighi is PhD in Developmental Psychology. She is leading European and National research projects on bullying and cyberbullying in schools and in Juvenile Justice contexts. Her research focuses on risk factors of bullying and cyberbullying, and on their impact mental health in childhood and in adolescence. She is consultant for school institutions for  intervention programs against bullying and for the promotion of psychological wellbeing. She is the Director of the SWAP-v IT- Joint Research Laboratory (Student’s Well-being and prevention of violence IT), involving Flinders University (Australia), Bologna University and the  Free University of Bolzano. She is Adjunct Lecturer in Education at Flinders University, Australia.


Developmental Psychology of Childhood and Adolescence with Reference to Inclusion

11446A · M-PSI/04 · LM-85 bis Education Italian section · IT

Psychology of Education and Learning in Childhood and Youth

11446C · M-PSI/04 · LM-85 bis Education Italian section · IT

Research Ethics

15144H · PhD Education - 2023 · EN

Main Research Areas

Psychology and promotion of well-being in educational contexts 

Bullying and cyberbullying: analysis of risk and protective factors; prevention.
Promoting positive relations among peers at school; 
Socioemotional learning: development and interaction with wellbeing from early infancy to adolescence;
Early years education.