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Free University of Bozen-Bolzano

Study in three languages

Nowadays, a degree is not enough. To seize the opportunities available on the global job market, you need to match the specific skills acquired during your studies with language competence.


We offer you the opportunity - unique in Europe - to study in Italian, German and English and to live in South Tyrol, a region at the crossroads between Mediterranean culture and economy and the German-speaking world.

Thanks to our international community of staff and students, speaking foreign languages is everyday reality for all of us: students, professors, researchers and administrative staff.

Language levels: entry and exit

unibz Study in three languages

In order to gain admission to unibz, you need to prove specific language levels based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. Your competence needs to be proved by one of the recognised language certificates or through a computer-based language exam to be taken at our Language Centre.

The explicit goal of our trilingual programmes is to take you - by the end of your degree - to a higher level of language competence. Thanks to targeted learning paths designed by our Language Centre, you will be able to achieve - by the end of your bachelor or master degree - the language levels required.

Language levels at a glance (pdf)

Providing proof of your language levels

You can prove your language competence in the following ways:

  • by providing a document that proves, when you apply online, that the main teaching language during the last year of secondary school was Italian, German or English (this corresponds to a C1 level of competence);
  • by providing a document that proves, when you apply online, that you have obtained a bachelor or master degree in Italian, German or English;
  • by uploading, when you apply online, a language certificate accepted by our Language Centre;
  • by passing the computer-based language test set up by our Language Centre.

If you can already speak a third language (minimum level B1) and you do not have a certificate yet, we recommend that you take our language test to verify your level of competence also for this language.

More on the language exams

Learning languages

The Language Centre will support you during your study programme, offering free language courses, with different levels and formats (intensive courses before the first term and between the first and second term, and also classes for 4 hours a week during term time).

Learning Paths


In order to prepare freshers, every year in September the university holds pre-term courses, which aim at enabling students to attend classes that are taught in the third language.

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