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Free University of Bozen-Bolzano

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Course Offering 2024/25


2nd Year

27511 Optimization methods for decision making
M1 Optimization methods for economics and business  (MAT/06) (6/12 CP)
M2 Data science applications for resource optimization, risk evaluation and sustainability (SECS-S/01) (6/12 CP)

27512 Big data methods for economics and business
M1 Statistical methods for high-dimensional data (SECS-S/01) (6/12 CP)
M2 Natural language processing and web analytics  (INF/01) (6/12 CP)
27513 Cybersecurity and digital privacy (IUS/01) (6 CP)

Curriculum "Data Analytics for Economics"

27514 Financial engineering and quantitative investment strategies (SECS-S/06) (6 CP)
27515 Applied resource and energy economics (SECS-P/05) (6 CP)
27516 Sustainability Economics  (SECS-P/05) (6 CP)

Curriculum "Business Analytics"

27517 Digital marketing methods and consumer experience  (INF/01) (6 CP)
27518 Performance analytics for business  (SECS-P/07) (6 CP)
27519 Introduction to Block Chain (SECS-P/07) (6 CP)