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Free University of Bozen-Bolzano

Our mission

Our Mission

The mission of the Competence Centre is to contribute to and lead world-class research, engage in private and public partnerships and collaborations, and promote educational initiatives aimed at advancing sustainability efforts both in South Tyrol and beyond. Our core objective is to promote and accelerate the transition to a more sustainable South Tyrol. 

The Competence Centre pursues this mission by: 

  • Promoting sustainability in South Tyrol and beyond, through research projects and initiatives that foster the transformation of society towards sustainability.  
    Promoting networking, exchange, and cooperation between research centres in the areas of sustainability, both between unibz faculties and with external partners on a local, national, and international level.  
  • Creating education and awareness on sustainable development issues, both for unibz students and for entrepreneurs, managers, and financial institutions in South Tyrol.  
  • Acting as a service and contact point for public and private institutions in South Tyrol to provide expertise supporting sustainable projects. 

Competence Centre Inauguration Event

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This video was produced in September 2022 to mark the founding of the Competence Centre for Economic, Environmental and Social Sustainability. The video features, among others, Nobel laureate Prof. Robert F. Engel (Member of Scientific Committee of the Centre), Prof. Ulrike Tappeiner (President of the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano), Prof. Massimiliano Bonacchi (Director of the Centre), Prof. Camilla Wellstein (Member Steering Group of the Centre and Prof. at the then Faculty of Science and Technology), and Prof. Aart van Bezooijen (Member Steering Group of the Centre and Prof. at the Faculty of Design and Art).