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Free University of Bozen-Bolzano

Competence Centre for Sustainability

This Competence Centre, a multi-disciplinary and cross-faculty centre of excellence at unibz, brings together professors and researchers from various fields to address pressing sustainability issues at the global and local level.


The Centre is dedicated to study the economic, environmental, and social dimensions of policies and actions aimed at sustainable development at the global and local level. Its mission is to contribute to and lead excellent research, engage in private and public partnerships and collaborations, and foster educational initiatives aimed at advancing sustainability efforts both in South Tyrol and beyond. Our core objective is to promote and accelerate the transition to a more sustainable South Tyrol. 

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Research Areas

We are leading research projects, articulated along the main dimensions of sustainability: economic, social, environmental. Currently our members expertise compasses various focal points. The economic pillar includes Accounting and Finance for Sustainability and Economic Policies and Behavior Change for Sustainability. In the realm of social sustainability, our focus extends to Design for a Sustainable Future. Our efforts in environmental sustainability delve into Conservation and Sustainable Land Use. 

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Research Areas

Third Mission and Partnerships

A fundamental objective of the Centre is our commitment to third mission activities, which underscore our responsibility to our territory and citizens. We work in partnership with individual businesses, as well as public institutions, and professional and business associations, to support their sustainability ambitions. 
This is made possible by the transfer of skills and knowledge through training, workshops, and summer schools, by collaborations with businesses, NGOs and public institutions, and by partnerships with cultural institutions, business associations and events. Additionally, we serve as speakers and panelists at events, contributing to the dissemination of knowledge. We also regularly write or contribute to articles for newspapers, engaging the public on sustainability topics.

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Alliance for Sustainability

IDM Südtirol Alto Adige/Alex Moling

The Competence Centre oversees the co-management of the research platform Alliance in Research and Teaching for Sustainability, which aims to consolidate expertise and foster discussion on SDG-related topics in South Tyrol.

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