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Free University of Bozen-Bolzano



Who we are

The ICT plans, implements, manages and coordinates the information and communication services for students, academic and administrative staff. In cooperation with EURAC Research, we offer these services also to all customers of the Scientific Network South Tyrol.

Efficient structures, flat hierarchies, ongoing internal development and optimization, adequate availability of our technical infrastructure and optimal protection of critical data, mutual support and teamwork hallmark our corporate culture.

Innovation and the ongoing enhancement of our services, organization and technology, knowledge generation and knowledge sharing and the compliance with regulations and law have a special significance.   

Our services

The focus of our activities is the benefit for the customer. We optimize the services of the Free University by using innovative technical soft- and hardware solutions that suit the requirements of students and science. In this context we promote the use of innovative learning technologies and the media literacy of the students through the use of multimedia, a broad access to specific electronic literature and the Internet and web-based learning platforms. In this way we have already implemented the eUniversity.

We solve customers' requirements in a quick, innovative, professional, accurate, smooth and friendly way. Thus we offer qualified solutions at reasonable costs in short times. We place great emphasis on cooperative relationships with our customers and good communication. This demands from us strong customer orientation, readiness for innovation, continuous enhancements, flexibility, great expertise, versatility, preventive, long-term and networked thinking, commitment, accuracy and optimal cooperation.  

Our staff

Our employees are our capital!

We promote the strengths, initiative and independent work of our employees and provide them the opportunity to implement their ideas. The professional and personal development of our employees and their well-being are very important to us. We offer an attractive work environment, well-equipped workstations, high availability of technical infrastructure and efficient services.

We demand an independent, flexible and entrepreneurial way of acting from our collaborators. The acquisition of third-party funds, a strong focus on results, high personal responsibility, a willingness to change and interest in new topics are included as well as a superior motivation, joy in teamwork, mutual support and encouragement, compliance with all legal and internal regulations and rules and willingness to share knowledge.   

Our relations to our partners

We maintain a friendly contact with our partners and pay attention to the proper observance of all agreements. In order to achieve our objectives in the best way, we need qualitative and innovative services and products, which also need to be supplied with great punctuality. Therefore, in the selection of services and products, besides the price we pay great attention to quality, innovation, timeliness, confidentiality, availability and compliance with all business agreements.

Our environment and our social benefits

In all our activities we pay great attention on a careful handling of our environment. Social concerns, such as a high proportion of women, flexible working hours and wide opportunities for staff development are particularly important to us.

Dietmar Laner