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Free University of Bozen-Bolzano

Key Players in Quality Assurance


The key stakeholders in the Quality Assurance processes are the Quality Committee and the Evaluation Committee.

The Quality Committee is the first contact point for Quality Assurance at unibz that includes all players involved in the process. As an internal body, it coordinates and supports the processes, instruments and activities for the promotion of Quality Assurance within our university. The Committee consists of five academic representatives, one student representative and two representatives of the technical and administrative staff, including the University Director.

The Evaluation Committee reviews the proper functioning of the Quality Assurance system and its tools, acts as an independent evaluation body and supports the university management in the implementation of corrective actions. The Committee consists of an external professor as coordinator, an external member, an internal academic representative and a student representative. The Evaluation Committee also serves as a point of reference for the Ministry and ANVUR.

Each faculty establishes a Joint Studies Committee (CPDS), which acts as a permanent monitor of teaching on the faculty's study courses. It creates an annual report, paying particular attention to the results of the course evaluation by students, monitors problematic situations and proposes corrective actions and improvements. The Committee consists of a professor appointed by the Faculty Council and a student representative appointed by the Student Advisory Board.

The Faculty Council approves the annual and periodic review reports of the Degree courses.

The Degree course Council acts as a Quality Assurance body within the Degree course and monitors the implementation of the processes and corrective actions.

The Directors of the Degree course are responsible for the Quality Assurance of their course. They ensure the principles of Quality Assurance are implemented by the lecturers, supervise the use of the relevant instruments (review reports, data entry into the ministerial database SUA-CdS, etc.) and are the contact person for issues. The Degree course Council supports them in their job.

The Role of the Student is of fundamental importance in Quality Assurance: they elect their student representatives who are a part of all bodies within the QA system and thus promote a process supported by the entire university community.

In research, the Quality Assurance committees and the heads of the individual research areas of the five faculties ensure the principles of QA are implemented and monitor the application of the instruments provided by the QA processes (SUA-RD and VQR).