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Free University of Bozen-Bolzano

Quality at unibz

Quality Assurance at unibz

The goal of unibz is to introduce a clear and transparent Quality Assurance process that defines the tasks and responsibilities of the individual stakeholders involved and is part of the annual and perennial strategic planning of the university.

Quality assurance at unibz also takes into account the university's unique characteristics, such as its trilingualism in teaching and research, and its strong international and interregional orientation, which is reflected by both the teaching on offer and in the very high proportion of lecturers and students from abroad.


The Quality Policy of unibz defines its strategies in teaching, research and Third Mission and services.
The Quality Assurance guidelines define the tasks of the central bodies involved in the QA process. The processes of Quality Assurance in teaching and research and third mission, as well as the associated organizational models, are outlined in the two documents as integral part of the guidelines.
The QA Factsheet summarizes the Quality Assurance process at unibz for our Italian and international partner universities.

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