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Free University of Bozen-Bolzano

Aesthetic experiences and communication


Research investigates the presence and role of different forms of aesthetic art expression (music, movement, visual art, etc.) in social, cultural and education contexts. It focuses on multicultural realities of South Tyrol.

More in detail, the research will focus on:

  • Music heritage and cultures from different historical and social contexts, with particular attention to South Tyrol and/or in a comparative perspective with South Tyrol;
  • Characteristics, roles and potentialities of music education and practice in multicultural and multilingual contexts and in particular in South Tyrol
  • Innovative models of music education and music practice with particular attention at relevant issues on multicultural and multilingual contexts, as well as in South Tyrol.
  • Graphic, visual expression and communication from early ages to adulthood, using traditional and innovative educational approaches.
  • Art and cultural heritage education, mainly in digital environment, specify on the experience of South-Tyrol;
  • Children spaces for bodily movement and bodily movement cultures in South Tyrol;
  • Contemporary practices and innovative teaching methods for physical exercise and sport in primary schools and kindergartens.

 Coordinator: Prof. Paolo Somigli

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