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Free University of Bozen-Bolzano

Processes and Projects of Education and Development



Liliana Dozza, Edwin Keiner

This area benefits from the contribution of education sciences such as General and Social Pedagogy, Inclusive Teaching, Pedagogy of Inclusion, and Developmental Psychology.

In line with the mission of the Faculty, and in particular of the Master in Primary Education, research in this area covers topics related to development and learning in childhood, lifelong learning (over the whole lifespan), life-wide learning (in different educational and experiential contexts), and life-deep learning (embracing cognitive and affective-emotional interactions, values, cultural and intergenerational relationships).

Particular emphasis is placed on educational contexts that are: formal (schools, in particular the nursery and primary school), non-formal (families, playing centres, associations, churches, and various cultural and educational centres in the region), and informal (sign systems and popular culture, personal and mass media), with attention to individuals, cognitive and emotional processes, and products. A large part of the research carried out in this area is characterized as research for schools.