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Free University of Bozen-Bolzano

Psychology and wellbeing promotion in educational contexts


This research area deals with the study of behavior, main psychological functions and psychological processes related to education and counselling, in a developmental perspective that includes the whole lifetime, with particular focus on the period from the early infancy toward adulthood.

Furthermore, it includes the observation of levels of development and the early survey of markers for typical and atypical development, aimed at determining protective and risk factors. These will be used to define interventions for evaluation and prevention for the promotion of psychological wellbeing.

Area’s research is developed through quantitative and qualitative methods, observation and experiments both on field and in laboratory. In particular, research is carried out on the following topics:

  • promotion of psychological wellbeing in educational contexts (e.g., school, family, peers, online settings), with particular attention to the development of socio-emotional and life skills and the promotion of positive relationships among peers;
  • bullying and cyberbullying: risk and protective factors (coping, resilience) and development of programs for intervention;
  • study of (visuo-spatial, executive,..) psychological processes, with particular focus on learning;
  • analysis of factors and preconditions of learning, as a function of the programs for intervention oriented to the several people in the school (students, teachers, parents), evaluation of their efficacy in micro- and macro-systems.

Research activities produce proposals for intervention on the local territory, including interests indicated by schools, associations and institutions.

Coordinator: Prof. Demis Basso

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